The LGBTQIA student group at University of Michigan School of Information

Trans* Day of Remembrance

Information Fighting Intolerance
November 20, 2013
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Space 2435 North Quad


Information Across the Spectrum is hosting this event sponsored by North Quad Programming and Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Open to the public, the event will include a light lunch, movie screenings and a guest speaker from the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities. A variety of memorial activities will be available including a quiet room, scrapbook, memorial wall and scrolling names of people who have been killed or committed suicide due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. This event has been officially recognized by International Transgender Day of Remembrance.


Movie Screenings will include:


Photos of Angie “This moving and powerful documentary chronicles the life and murder of Angie Zapata – a transgender teen who was murdered in rural Colorado in 2008. The film includes extensive interviews with her family about her journey of self-discovery, transgender lives across the globe, hate crimes legislation, and the mysterious nature of her killer – all against the backdrop of his trial.” (55 min)


Changing House “Rusty and Chelsea are a transgender lesbian couple who devoted fifteen years to making their Brooklyn home a communal living space for transgender women in need. Their house served a vital and unique community role with its doors always open to newcomers. A crossroads for transgender civil rights organizers, it became home to Stonewall legend Sylvia Rivera in the last years of her life. The couple’s dream of a commune quickly met a complicated reality as it became unmanageable. Social workers referred more young transgender women to Rusty and Chelsea than they could accommodate and eventually, the self-made family lost their “Ma” Sylvia. In this intimate film, Rusty, Chelsea and long-time resident Cellia commemorate the house’s rich activist history, reflect on the joys and challenges of communal living and discuss the continuing struggle of the transgender community with discrimination and homelessness.” (18 min)

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    I’ve been remiss in posting lately because I have been incredibly busy this semester. If you’d like a chance to chat, come visit me at this event today!

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