The LGBTQIA student group at University of Michigan School of Information



Queer and Trans at SI’s mission is to support, educate, develop, and connect a diverse group of people by using information and technology to create awareness and challenge misinformation surrounding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex identities and expressions.

Core Values


We will foster awareness among members and the larger community at SI regarding LGBTQIA issues related to information and social science.


We will capitalize on teachable moments through personal interactions and mentorship to help educate allies and peers about LGBTQIA issues.

Professional Development

We will develop leadership and communication skills through membership in the group and utilize UMSI resources to help prepare for careers in information science.


We will foster deeper connections both at UMSI and throughout the University of Michigan to create an extended network of education and support.


We will strive for diversity in membership as well as scholarship.  We will acknowledge our own biases and privileges and be respectful of the differences that strengthen us.

Academic Year 2014-15 Officers and Constitution.